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    News — Snapback Hats

    The Cooler Side of Hats

    The Cooler Side of Hats

    We’ve been working hard to keep raising the bar on the different ways you can represent your sport through fashion. Today we’re happy to announce that Pinkskate's new snapback hats are finally here for Guys and Girls! Our hats are quality made for comfort and style, giving you the ability to represent your sport as a figure skater anywhere that life takes you.

    We were very specific in why we chose these particular graphics to be featured on our hats. For example, we know how hard you work on and off the ice so at the end of the day you might as well SK8 LIKE A BOSS. Featured on four different color combinations for unlimited possibilities.

    Our PINKSK8 hat is a clean, simple design inspired by the popular Hipster Style movement. The colors in this design are minimal and feature basic black and white for high fashion on a budget. It’s the ultimate unisex hat and perfect for the guy or girl skater in your life.

    Our new #SK8RLIFE hat is probably one of our most favorite designs because the hat really says it all. This hat represents everything about figure skating like competing at Regionals with crazy injuries like a torn achilles. Let’s not forget the brutal task of working through the adjustment of new boots and blades! Yikes! Or should we say Ouch! Either way it hurts and the bottom line is that we know, you know all about that SK8R life.

    We think you’ll enjoy all of our new snapback hats and we hope you love them all. Keep an eye out for so much more to come. Just know that we love this sport and we love all of you.