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    News — figure skating t shirts

    It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Figure Skating?

    It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Figure Skating?

    Hello Friends of Pinkskate,

    Welcome to that beloved time of the year when we celebrate the Holidays with joy and cheer. Something I always look forward to are those familiar images, smells and decorations that remind me we are in the Holiday Season.

    For example, if you show me a delicious cup of hot coco, topped with a beautiful swirl of whipped cream and garnished with red and green sprinkles, I’m going to envision the Holidays! That’s exactly what those images are designed to do.

    Ironically, what I find most fascinating is that during the Holiday season you will inevitably find decorations, ads, and pics of ice skating Santa Clauses, Elfs and anything else depicting people or characters engaging in some form of ice skating.

    Well, my friends there’s nothing wrong with those images or the purpose behind them however, this is one of the main reasons why a brand like Pinkskate is so important. We are striving to break free from the notion that figure skating is synonymous with winter or the holiday season.

    Figure skating is an incredibly hard sport that takes years to master. Skaters work year-round to accomplish all the jumps, spins and footwork you see performed by awesome athletes. Many of them start figure skating as early as three years old.

    The Pinkskate brand was built for amazing athletes just like you and we want to give your sport the representation it deserves. Represent your sport in style with original graphics on quality made t-shirts, leggings, hats and so much more. We encourage you to keep working hard and never give up on your dreams.

    Happy Holidays from Pinkskate

    Back To School Updates With Pinkskate

    Back To School Updates With Pinkskate

    Hello Friends of Pinkskate,

    We hope everyone has been having a great Summer thus far and don’t worry because you still have a few more weeks of Summer left, before you go BACK TO SCHOOL….

    Although, it feels like this Summer has flown by, that’s okay because we have some fun and exciting new things happening for the Pinkskate brand.  If you haven’t already, check out our NEW WEBSITE at https://pinkskate.com/ where you’ll find an improved look and feel to our online store for a better shopping experience.

    The migration of switching from one shopping platform to another can be “Brutal” but we survived it! We sincerely apologize for any hiccups that you may have had during your shopping experience while we made our online transition.

    We are continuously adding new styles of figure skating t-shirts for guys and gals so take a look, shop around and be sure to sign up for our News Letter. When you do, you’ll automatically receive a nice coupon for 10% off your next purchase and go back to school in style! = )

    Most importantly, we want to give a HUGE shout out to our new friends from the upcoming production, Ice The Movie. Check out their trailer at https://youtu.be/rC5WFDQuwsQ and keep an eye out for some fun and exciting collaboration activities coming soon!